Our Strength

Designed & developed based on actual line process.

On daily basis, our affiliate tapioca starch factories always strive for higher yield. Therefore we do our utmost effort to develop our machines to support their requirements. The actual production data are collected in order to design and develop higher machine’s performance.

Roi-Et Group
Tapioca Starch Factories


Exchange information based on actual production line.

Thai German Processing Co., Ltd.
Tapioca starch machine manufacturer.

Roi-Et Group – Tapioca Starch Factories

1.Roi et Flour – since 1985
2.Kalasin Flour – since 1989
3.Sima 1 Interproduct Co., Ltd. – since 1997
4.KS. Chantaburi – Since 2013
5.New factory – (planned to operate in 2016)


Due to the different characteristic of tapioca roots (Fibrous Root System), the focus of design for tapioca starch machines therefore have to be different. The deep understanding in tapioca root leads to the innovation of TGP’s tapioca starch machines and contribute the constant growth of Roi-Et Group.

Reliability and easy maintenance.

Many of tapioca starch factories operates 24/7, therefore reliability is highly important. Our machines are designed and operate with actual production for many years. Maintenance also easy since we designed to use general parts and minimize parts list in order to reduce number of initial spare parts.