Thai German Rasper is the machine to mill the tapioca roots. Our advance design is highly considered in milling efficiency, durability, easy to use, and easy for maintenance.

Model Width Length Motor Max Capacity
500 1490 mm 3120 mm 250 kW 25 Ton root / hour
600 1490 mm 3220 mm 315 kM 34 Ton root / hour

With the high efficiency of Thai German Rasper, enable to have higher yield by reducing the starch content that normally gets away together with the pulp to be tapioca waste. The rotor has 2 direction rotation, makes longer lifetime of the machine. The clamp to hold the rasper saw blade is made from stainless steel, and rotor is made from forged stainless steel, which can ensure you that Thai German Rasper standard meets the world’s quality standard.

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